Last October 24, 2015, Arpha and I were driving to Khao Dinsor in Chumpon to watch the raptors’ migration. We were about to turn left and drive uphill then we saw an Indian Roller on the pavement struggling to fly or get off the pavement. There were two other birds, Mainas, encouraging and pushing it to move and save itself from the coming vehicles.

We stopped and I pushed the hazard button to signal that i am stopping in the middle of the road to protect the bird from being ran over by others on the road. It was fascinating and sad to watch while the two Mainas tried there best to help the Indian Roller. I picked up the bird and took it to the raptor station on Khao Dinsor.

After all, we love birds and not only the raptors that we were going to watch. We implored some help from vets from Kasetsart University, they took the bird and they said they are going to take care of it. It had broken wings, bloody mouth, broken legs, I know for sure that bird could survive if it was given the right medication and care.

Birds are very important to the planet, they do a lot for the human race without being asked. Let us take care of them.

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