dinsor ii

Being on Khao Dinsor in Chompon was a real delight and a dream come true. Watching the raptors flyby in flocks was also a phenomenal experience. Hundreds and thousands of these beautiful and majestic flying creatures fly in flocks, it was just an amazing experience. They just flew over us or sometimes right just in front of us, eye level.

We stared at them, forgetting our cameras, it was mesmerizing. A lot of times, we just don’t know which one to take photographs. We met a lot of bird lovers and we had exchanges of thoughts, ideas, and joys of birding.

The Black Baza, Booted Eagle, Grey-faced Buzzard, Peregrine Falcon, Short-toed Snake-Eagle, these are the raptors that we had to watch and identify. We climbed the mountain three times from October 23 to 25 of 2015. We had to be up there before 8:00 in the morning to be sure to get a spot on platform of a Raptor Watch Station, it was very crowded everyday of birders from different parts of the world.

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