Kaengkratchan National Park is a haven of wildlife and a reunion venue of friends and meeting new friends who are deeply passionate in bird watching and photography. The planet becomes small when birders travel to twitch on seasonal birds coming out on a specific season and we don’t want to miss the opportunity or else we have to wait for another year to come in capturing these beauties into our cameras.


The Millers, Harry and Neth, we already met on Khao Dinsor during the raptor mania last October of 2015 and we decided to meet in Kaengkratchan again in April of 2016. They flew in to Thailand and Checked in at Baan Maka, as soon as we knew that they have arrive, we drove out of the national park and went straight to Baan Maka. We found Harry and Neth already birding and they have not even unpacked their stuff but they were already actively birding on Maka’s ground. We twitched together for few more days and everything was exciting as we thought it would be. As we have become closer, we have decided to twitch in Borneo, Kotakinabalu, Malaysia in October again and we are again excited to bird together again.


We found birders looking for the Broadbills and the Sultan Tits on the life side of the road after two streams in the jungle and we noticed that they were speaking in Filipino and so we thought that we could meet them later. We bumped on them again as we found them in their hides waiting for the Pittas to come out at the stream before going up to Panoengthong. I discovered where the Asian paradise Flycatcher was as I got lost in the jungle and as Harry was looking for me, I heard him call my name, so I called back and invited him to join me taking photographs of the ghost like bird flying around. As we went out of the jungle, we found Wins and his son in the hides and we told them what we discovered. Wins was very interested and he said this is a lifer for him so I took him to the location where the white long bird was and we was pleased together with his son. We met again at the Silver Broadbills’ location and we decided to take photographs together.


Birding is not only about the birds, without friends to share with, the birds that one captures  in his camera will only be his and the joy missed by others. It is meeting new friends; talking, sharing, and birding together is important to be happy with this passion. There are birders who are only concerned about equipment and all but never shared the joy to others and maybe unwilling to share bird locations because they only want to be the first to post and show to social media about their capture. As long as these creatures are there, they are for free, though we have to pay some money for part entrances, respect and friendship develop joys in birding.

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