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The Long-tailed Broadbill or Psarisomus dalhousiae is found in the Himalayas, Northeastern India to Southeast Asia and it is one of the most wanted bird in Kaeng Krachan National Park. This bird is one of the most beautiful treasures of kaeng Krachan National Park that the annual quest to get a fantastic shot of this bird continues to thrill local birders and as well as the foreign birders. During the dry season, which normally starts December which is also winter, then the true dry season which is summer, birders come to find this before and after km 26 in which they nest on branches overhanging in the middle of the roads or ponds.

One of the joys we experienced in birding is finding this lovely bird. It is just such an amazing experience in watching this bird fly in and out of its nest, observing it is such a blessing. The Long-tailed Broadbill is also called the “Elvis Bird” as the head looks like Elvis Presley’s haircut, one funny name.

Kaeng Krachan National Park, Thailand
April, 2016
Nikon D500 + Nikkor 200-500mm f/5.6E ED VR
Fotopro TS-85C | Nitecore UNK1

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