Stonechats are wintering birds coming from Russia or Finland and I found them in Pak Phli since last September. The rice-fields are dominated by munias and other wading birds and then something new at least for a season is a welcome bird in the view finder. The first time I saw this bird at my birding area was such a good surprise. A little bit confusing to where the Chats belong since they used to be with the Thrushes and now with the Old-world Flycatchers.

I find it amusing watching this bird; as it flies, the orange-brown colour is displayed together with the black tip wings, it’s just beautiful to watch. I also noticed that this bird can hover ontop of its prey for seven to ten seconds and it dives down to catch it and flies to the nearest perch to enjoy its meal. Well, for the first time they are some what shy, but as soon as they have acknoledge the constant presence of humans, they become familiar and will definitely allow you to come closer without a hide as long as you stay in your car.

Pak Phli, Nakorn Nayok
Nikon D500 + Nikkor 200-500mm f/5.6E ED VR
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