It was a surprise finding partridges in Kaengkratchan National Park at Baan Song Nok hides; with Arpha, Harry and Neth, we were there at 6:00 o’ clock in the morning, sitting, poke our lenses through the hide, waiting for the birds to come. ¬†One after another they appeared with no idea that we were already taking photographs of them.
The area where the hides were are covered with a lot of trees, vines, grass, and all of these contributed low light condition and using too much of the ISO renders noise so we had to slowdown with our shutters that also resulted to a lot of blurring.
Well, we just have to deal with all of these unfavorable conditions that are making the process difficult. In the hide, it was like a bird show in which one bird after another appear according to their turns. It was such an amazing experience and we stayed in the hide until 9:00 o’ clock in the morning.
Kaengkratchan National Park, Thailand
Nikon D7000 + Nikkor 200-500mm f/5.6E ED VR
Straightforward jpeg, absent enhancements
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