Birding is not just having the most expensive cameras, lenses, tripods, memory cards, and so on. First it is passion that requires techniques in getting close to the subject. The subject is the most important here and being able to come close to the subject is an art.

Well, we can have the most expensive lenses to reach the subject plus teleconverters but getting close to the subject renders more details and crispness of colours and details.


Using a hide allows one to position and hide according to the situation in getting the right angle of the desired shots. One can be at ease, move, eat, change batteries, and do anything without spooking the bird. Also, when the bird sees you, it will just fly away. They don’t want people to be around that close and a bird always has its own proximity tolerance to human beings.

I have walked right in front of birds with no hide and it can be done. But with a hide, it is natural. The bird behave naturally without being spooked.

If you want to be serious in birding, get a hide and use it according to special circumstances that you really need to conceal your presence.


The SuperHide was only a concept of Prin Pattawaro when he started birding. It was always hard to come closer to the bird especially when you don’t have a long reach telephoto lens and it could also be too expensive. Having a hide brings you closer to the bird and allows your sensor to render more details than just by being too far. Prin decided to design his own and asked for a company to make it for him but it was too expensive since he had to order a minimum number in order for them to produce. So he spent his own money anyway to have the first batch done for his own use. When people started seeing his hide they asked for it and soon he was selling his hide according to order and availability and he also designed more.

The SuperHide comes with different designs, for singles, doubles, and even standing hides. If you are interested about this product please leave a message down below and we will reply to you as quick as we can.


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