Coming here to this research station is a big thing to us. We have been living in Thailand for eleven years now and we have not heard of it. We visited almost all national parks and this one is the first time to have known. So we packed and prepared our gear as usual and we went for a road trip for the Siamese Fireback Pheasant depending on our trusty HERE app on our mobile phones.


The station is really a biosphere in which trees and plants grow together as a very healthy forest with very healthy animals. The research is all about snakes and turtles, but mainly snakes and the super star in the deadly venomous King Cobra. At the research station, there are people from different parts of the world volunteering in working with the project funded by the Ministry of Science and Technology and some foreign donors and research partners. Bart is the head Herpetologist. He manages all the volunteers and the researchers to come out with what they want to understand about the snakes. Students from different schools in Thailand also come to spend time learning about nature and all according to the research objectives of the station and they are being led through the forest as a guided trek.


It is our bird of interest and nothing more though we found other interesting birds, our target is one. We arrived late in the morning so we already missed our chance in finding them in the morning which is also pure hard word. We packed our gear and some food and water and we started hiking up the main road in which all trails to different studies and researches lead. We thought biding today was quiet, Arpha already had some Flycatchers at the research station and yet as we were hiking up the road, we had nothing. We listened to some distant birds but nothing. After twenty minutes of hiking we found ourselves in between a birdwave and we were excited until some researchers were coming down the trail stopped and talked to us for a while. It wasn’t too bad for us, we gathered some information to add into our small knowledge so that we could find them faster.

Hiked up some more and Arpha found three Firebacks on the left hand side of the main road in the thick of the forest and just when I came to join her enjoy their beauty, they were gone. We decided to stay there and eat our lunch hoping that they might come out in the open for us to take photographs.


We followed the researcher’s info that might have given us more chances of finding the Firebacks, we reached the stream where they said that they found three individuals earlier but they were not there. Going down the stream was tiresome as we also had to go back up. We continued on finding also the observation towers so we could find more birds on the trail. We failed to find the towers. We decided then to just hike back down the research station at 4:00 p.m.; we did not even know that we were hiking for six hours nonstop.


We were exhausted and we thought to just come back the next day to renew our spirits and get some rest. As we were walking, we remembered the spot where Arpha found them earlier, they were not there. I went ahead and then after I was twenty meters ahead, Arpha called me to comeback, she found them again. there were like six of them. It was getting dark and we tried to take photographs as we could. The light was not really enough so Arpha shined our flashlight on the birds so I could take photographs….

To be continued… I need to get some sleep now…


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