There were thousands of them today, they were everywhere; finding them at the right place and time for that one photograph was a serious chore, then the flybys. Hundreds of them to chose from and it was a great time to fine tune aerial shooting skills, always daunting.

We found them even on the road, the rice-field, hovering here and there. I have learned to love and enjoy this Bird of Prey. It may be just of kind of bird there is, but one can be wrong. This bird attracts other raptors to join them in roosting, flying around in search for preys, and just hanging out around on trees when the day is hot. Seeing them leave the roosting area and coming back after along day is just a magnificent experience to enjoy. I have given more respect to this bird.

Khun Sithichai, the supervisor of the area, has been watching them forquite a long time now and he maintained to educate and give respect to this raptor within the community of the farm town. It is illegal to poach them to be sold.

Pak Phli, Nakorn Nayok, Thailand
Nikon D500 + Nikkor 200-500mm f/5.6E ED VR
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Striated Grassbird

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