From the left: Bernie, Khun Sitthichai, and Ajarn Piyawat Phankosol

We think that participating in conservation is about generating a huge amount of money and launching an epic brilliant program to conserve nature and all, no! Conservation begins within us; responsibility over nature must be learned and taught from the young age and if not, then it can be learned.


Khun Sitthichai is the farm supervisor at Pak Phli but he has chosen an extra mile in protecting and educating people within the community about the value of having these raptors and other migratory birds in their place. He has been educating people and informing birders about the new comers and telling us important details in finding the birds ans how frequent they come. I have seen him picked up rubbish, told people to release captured animals, mapped the area according to bird population, estimated and counted how many birds there are.


It is difficulty to educate people about the raptors in Pak Phli, the birds are also annoying. They prey on farm animals, chicken, and their presence also scares them as these birds can actually hurt people when they are provoked to attack in which he was describing last time. He had to educate people about the benefits.


When rice-fields are teeming and ready to be harvested, an important event happens. As soon as the machines are finished with all the rice in a particular paddy, rats come to glean and eat the leftover rice grains and by having that, it sustains the population of the rats by having enough supply of food for them to reproduce and just be healthy. Rats can be a threat to health, crops and all.

This is now the time that a natural solution happens, a festive event for the raptors. They will hover over the empty rice paddies and spy for rats and then the beautiful dives for their prey. This is when he has proven the need of these raptors.

As the raptors feed on rats, they also become healthy and strong for their next migration or by laying eggs for the next generation. A complete cycle of life. For us bird lovers, these will be the days of burning our memory cards with thousands of flybys and great captures.

For Khun Sitthichai, he has fulfilled his duty in the community and to the the Eagles that he has been watching.

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