We were late coming to Pak Phli and we did not have breakfast. So we decided to stop at the restaurant after the u-turn, before turning to the left going inside Pak Phli. We were happy to have some food before we spend the whole day birding around the location since there is no restaurant inside the area. While waiting for our food to be served, we notice a bird in a cage and it was like a juvenile eagle. I am not sure what kind of eagle it was but I took a photograph so I could post it on Facebook as our first bird of the day.

As I posted it, people made comments and likes on my wall and other groups in which I posted it, but little did I realized that it actually reached far and many. The farm manager and protector of the Black-eared Kites, Khun Sitthichai, sent me a message that night with the photograph that I posted with words in Thai and the word “thank you” in English. I did not know what he really meant so I replied that I will delete my post if it offended him. So I deleted and he replied thank you again.


Last Sunday, November 6, 2016, at about 6:00 p.m., as I was driving out of Pak Phli, Khun Sitthichai was there at the first bridge, he waved a hand to say hi and directed me where to park. I stopped and I was a little uneasy because he might confront me of the raptor that I posted on Facebook. As I got out of my truck, I greeted him and gave him a Wai, and joined him with Ajarn Piyawat Phankosol who was there to see the raptors that came that day. We talked together while waiting for the roosting birds and frequently looking into our binoculars the incoming birds as the light was fading away.


Khun Sitthichai spoke to me in Thai, I did not understand what he was talking about so Ajarn Piyawat translated every word to me and it went like this: Khun Sitthichai would like to thank you that you posted that caged bird on Facebook. Whe he found out about that bird, he notified the local police and asked the owner of the bird for it to be released. So he is thanking you. I gave Khun Sitthichai another big Wai and I told him thank you very much as well for releasing the bird. I apologize again for posting and for the trouble, but Ajarn Piyawat said that it really helped and it waas a good thing.


We can participate in conservation by reporting and doing the right thing. We enjoy the birds but a lot of birders leave their rubbish at the birding area, polluting the habitat in which the birds live. a lot of birders as well don’t just seem to care as long as they have taken the greatest shot in the world. We must contribute in small ways as we post on social media, meet people, and so on; we tell them about the habitats that we need to protect and save for the future generation. Every bird matters.

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