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Our weekend was promising and we were set to go to Namtok Samlan National Park in Saraburi so we were having our breakfast in the kitchen. Enjoying our vegetarian meal, freshly baked bread by Arpha, homemade soya milk with zero sugar, it was a perfect meal. After awhile, Arpha was washing some utensils and she spotted something outside of the window.

Come it’s a new bird! I can’t tell what’s that! So I stood and look out of the window. To my surprise, “it’s a raptor.” I ran to our room to get my camera, opened the glass window and the secondary screen window and I was exposed to the very good eyes of the raptor. I took some photos and I told Arpha to get her camera as well. She was on the right side and we both can’t move anymore or else we spook the bird.

We took photographs as best as we can using different setting to be sure we had it right, we shoot only jpeg so we had to be sure. As we were taking photographs of the raptor eating its prey pinned down on the ground, we were also discussing the identification of the bird, I was thinking that it was a hawk or something, but we were not sure.

The raptor got frightened and flew into a tree nearby with its prey, and then to another taller tree. We finished our breakfast with excitement then we both went to our room and checked our shots on the computer and I sent one photograph to Khun Chuenchom Hansasuta, a raptor expert and the Chairperson of the Flyway Fountaion, for confirmation. Another fantastic birding while having a great breakfast, some Joys of Birding come in such a surprise.

Namtok Samlan National Park, Saraburi, Thailand
Nikon D500 + Nikkor 200-500mm f/5.6E ED VR

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