The 15th Thailand Birdfair 2016 It is an annual event of bird awareness on its full aspect, a fundraising affair, meeting of birding friends, and finally seeing new bird equipment. Also, the Birdfair is attended by professors, bird conservation personalities, and bird programs from other parts of the Southeast Asia. It is an event to look forward and Joys of Birding will get ready to attend next time with everything that we have to support the conservation efforts in Thailand by the BCST.


The conservation efforts of the Bird Conservation Society of Thailand is successful. Continuing support is crucial since we don’t want to begin this program to be fiery at the start and then nothing, limped, a few months or years later. It has its own obstacles and negativeness but it is moving on.


Most of the birders like to go solo avoiding other strange birders, conflicts in birding practices, photography discipline and all, yet we have to come as one in keeping the birds in their habitats for the future generations to see. We have to be responsible in participating in conservation in different ways.

One can’t be too proud of a single photograph and go home posting the damn photograph on a social media for everyone to like and comment on, but if one does not participate in conservation, he can keep the damn photograph, print it, and shove it up into his ass. Participation is important, it can’t be done alone, collective strength from each group can make conservation successful.


This bird is Critically Endangered, we saw only three of them a couple of weeks ago at Pak Thale, at least three of them showed up; a big sign that the conservation efforts from Russia down to Southeast Asia is working. We encourage more people to contribute to the efforts of bird conservation that may help save our planet in a direct way. Birds are crucial to our planet’s survival, we have to take part.


Spotted Owlet


Common Iora

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