Winter is here, the excitement of finding new birds wintering in Thailand is a reality that requires pure daring adventure. We decided to just go and find them using all the information we gathered regarding birds and animals on the social media and our adventure started at the ancient city of Ayutthaya.

Ayutthaya: Pied Kingfisher

Our dear friend Prin Pattawaro told us a month ago that there are Pied Kingfisher in Ayutthaya along the banks of a tributary river to Chaopraya River, it is actually kind of a huge flood overflow canal that it looked like a river. he said that the birds are just right behind a restaurant called Krua Manaw, a local restaurant that provides great river fish and prawns delicacies; of course they have more on their menu, but these are their specialties.

Krua Manaw

We were thinking that there is a pond at the back of the restaurant and then they have a hide in which to watch the Pied Kingfishers; but they even have better. The river tributary to Chaopraya River has become a haven to this Kingfisher.


The Pied Kingfishers like it there because of the high river banks in which on the walls, they can build their nest, so they just simply fly out for food and take the food back to their birdlings waiting in the mud nests they fancied using their long, broad, and strong bills.

We arrived at 9:30 a.m. an we thought it was already late, went in the hides and waited, the Pied Kingfishers were just there flying around and we kept waiting for them to perch on the bare branches set-up by birders who came before., they never perched on them. I was getting impatient, we see them hover, passing us, and making the Kingfisher sounds as they flyby. Briefly, one of them perched on the branch where my lens was focused on and after five seconds it flew away, and that was it. Our mother who was with us was in another hide in which she watched the Pied Kingfisher coming in and out the mud nest and she was excited about it. Later, Arpha joined her and she took photographs. I decided to find them somewhere near and I carefully crawled on a bank where there were two or three of them at a distance.

I can’t expose myself or else they would take off and leave you with nothing. I did that four times during that windy day and It was also hot at the same time. I used all my stalking skills on this bird and all I got were shots from a distance. I could crop them and they would just be fine, rendering some details and yet they can’t be just great. So long next time, we are going to find another day or two in which we shall be coming before daybreak.


Green-vine Snake

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