Copyright © 2018 by Ali Bernie Buga-ay, all rights reserved. Plaintive Cuckoo (male): this photograph may not be used without permission.

This Plaintive Cuckoo was feeding on insects from the Lotus flowers and it excited me right away to position and capture the moment. Yes, I was waiting for it to perch on a pinkish Lotus flower, wishful thinking, yes it did, but on the one that has not bloomed yet. Well, it did later, but it was too heavy for the flower’s stem to carry that it bent the flower behind the wide fan-like leaves. As I was observing the bird eating insects, I discovered that the insects it was eating from the Lotus flowers were actually small hairy caterpillars, which when humans touch we suffer from extreme itch, thus we call it sometimes, “suffering.”

I was pleased to have seen and observed such feeding routine of this bird. This Cuckoo can look plain and simple, yet for the the first time, its female is more decorated than this. Please don’t get me wrong, there are more Cuckoos and they are stunning and also difficult or rare to find. In my opinion, the Cuckoos are big, they can be seen, but shy and secretive. I am excited to find the other Cuckoo versions as they are uniquely coloured by our Creator.

Huai Chorakhemak, Buriram, Thailand
Nikon D500 + Nikkor 200-500mm f/5.6E ED VR

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