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The Pied bush Chat or Saxicola caprata is a small passerine bird found in West and Central Asia to India and the Southeast Asia.

Finding this Pied Bushchat in Buriram was a delight. I never expected any additional bird into my list but this beauty appeared on my right hand side as I was driving on the dirt road stretch from the Sarus Cranes. I knew I saw something but the rest thought it was just another black bird until I turned around to go back where we were and then i saw it again on the left side now. It was black, looks like a Flycatcher, yet with more black then a some white in order for it to be a Pied Bushchat.

This bird allowed us to take photographs and it jumped to fly on hard mud that formed mounds and hard mud features. We took the best we can even though the sun was behind the bird giving us a backlit subject and some difficulties in shooting. The bird was cute, it hopped and jumped around from one position to another, giving us more chances in taking photographs. An additional welcome into our collection of a cute black and some white fluffy bird.

Huai Chorakhemak, Buriram, Thailand
Nikon D500 + Nikkor 200-500mm f/5.6E ED VR


Amur Falcon (female)


Purple Heron

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