From the left: Bernie, Neth Miller, Ayuwat Jearwattanakanok, Harry Miller

Conservation is not a one-man-show, it is a collective effort of people of different backgrounds with the same interest to wildlife and conservation. it can’t be a single minded campaign, it must be open to all ideas and experiences in order for it to be successful. The struggles and hardships in making Bangpu Recreation Center a successful conservation display is evident, as the mangrove forest grew towards the sea more fish and birds comeback and take refuge and even return during the migration season.

What makes Bangpu successful is not only that the government and private individuals participate, the community is involved as well. Everyday people come to exercise by running around and doing calisthenics; and during the weekends, picnics and strolling.


Every year the community awaits for the return of the Seagulls and other migratory birds. Local birders and from around the world are attracted to come in which it is a great and easy way to study and observe the gulls. Birding can never be zero or dull when you are at Bangpu. During the migration season, last weeks of October to December are the months in which the birds are expected to come and they will stay until February to return to their breeding areas across the globe. The community, happy waiting for the gulls, they feed them as amusements and thankfulness as they make people happy. The Gulls are content of the given food, it is such a fun activity to watch every afternoon.


Harry and Neth are dear friends of ours and we have birded in Thailand for the third and once in Kota Kinabalu in Borneo. It was the first time for them to have visited Bangpu Recreation Center and they were impressed of what the place can offer to Birders. Seagulls, Terns, Kingfishers, Raptors, Sandpipers, Flycatchers, and many more can be seen right there. We also had a chance to meet Ayuwat Jearwattanakanok who is one of the officers of the Bird Conservation Society of Thaialand, when I am lost in translation about my birds I always refer to him and he is always right.

Arpha and I always find something amazing at Bangpu, don’t be too hopeful for the comfort when you are there, mosquitoes and heat can be a problem and anything else is a comfort. They have toilets, food shops, good parking spaces, park rangers, pavements, and the wharf in which there is a restaurant and you can see the Seagulls.

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