From the left: Ali Bernie and Brian Hewitt

Brian Hewitt is one of the real bird adventurers here in Thailand and his love for the birds is insatiable. He owns a very informative website that is all about the birds in Thailand. His website includes birding destinations, directions, and more details on how to find the birds. Brian Has traveled all around Thailand and he knows so much about birding here. His Facebook page is Thaibirdspot and he is posting regularly his birding trips, photographed birds, and his friends are even posting on that page.

I am delighted to finally meet Brian in Pak Phli at around 6:00 o’ clock in the morning as he was setting up his hide to capture photographs of the Bluethroat and other birds as well. We have been talking about birding together but we can’t seem to have time and both of us are always busy, so maybe in the near future we can twitch together or meet at a location.

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