Copyright © 2017 by Ali Bernie Buga-ay, all rights reserved. Rufous-fronted Babbler: this photograph may not be used without permission.

Very tired and frustrated that I busted the truck’s thermostat on the way up Doi Lang; we missed San Ju the next day, Sunday, looking for an open repair shop. Every shop small and big were closed and we did not give up, we found one. He uninstalled the damaged thermostat and we rolled without it just fine. Hopeful, we hired a local driver, given by Guide Green, to bring us up there. This beauty is just one of them and the joy of having such a lovely Babbler is priceless and all worth the troubles.

A group of birders came close to where we were calling a bird out and their guide was Peter Ericsson. After talking for awhile we all got caught into different birds and as I was paying attention to several bird movements on a tree, the Rufous-fronted Babbler flew just in front of me and as I came to where it landed this bird willing a allowed me to take photographs for awhile.

Doi San Ju, Chiang Mai, Thailand
Nikon D500 + Nikkor 200-500mm f/5.6E ED VR

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