One foggy morning on Doi San Ju. From the left: Bernie, Peter Ericsson, and Arpha

Meeting Peter Ericsson in Doin San Ju was another learning experience for me and Arpha. We have seen Peter’s bird photographs on Facebook almost everyday and also his bird calls that he posted on Xeno Canto¬†for everybody to use; meeting him is another great experience. First of all we really appreciate the extra effort that he has been doing, recording bird calls and then share his recordings for everyone to use for free. The amount of effort and time that he must have used may not be paid, but our joy in finding the birds as we use his calls is the reward of his generosity.

As we were looking for the Spot-breasted Parrotbill, his party arrived and he then started his work as we were also calling the bird out from where we were hearing the call coming from. The bird was coming closer and then he also turned his call on and then the bird appeared in front of us. As we were enjoying the beauty of this bird, my wife and I decided to come close to Peter and introduced ourselves. We thanked him first of the fantastic job he has done in posting his bird audios on Xeno Canto, then we had some chat and as we were chasing the same birds around the location. It was foggy and cold last February, yet, we were all determined to find our target birds.

As we were were taking photographs here and there, we found Peter recording the chirps of some tiny birds at the road side, he was busy again as he was guiding his guests at the same time. We were happy to have met him and may be someday again our birding paths will cross.

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