Fotopro TS-85C is a fantastic K1 carbon fiber tripod; durable, stable, dependable at all situations.

I never thought that I would be reviewing the Fotopro TS-85C as I was buying it from the company, to my surprise, I was invited to become one of the Fotopro Ambassadors based in Thailand. I can’t say no to such offer since I was already convinced about the product even before placing the order. I was thinking to have this state of the art 1K carbon fiber tripod in October of 2017 to get ready for for the first international Khao Yai Bird Race, but it came two weeks after I presented my intention to buy. Usually it takes a long time for this high-end tripod to arrive since they don’t make many, they only produce according to order. Well here I am loving every time I use it.

Material: Carbon Fiber
Sections: 5 Sections
Minimum Height: 102mm
Maximum Height: 1348mm
Folded: 485mm
Max Diameter: 36mm
Weight: 2.38kg
Max. Load capacity: 30kg

Extra Tripod end-pins rubbers
Customised Case

This tripod is especially designed for serious wildlife and studio photographers.
Three angles (high, meddle, low) design, head cradle can be taken off or replaced.
Alu-mag forged technology and CNC precision cutting technology, 1K Carbon Fiber

Fotopro TS-85C case is state of the art as it is lightweight and I love that it is also carbonfiber designed compact. The best thing is that I can stash the tripod in the case just on an airplane bin or any space and I am also sure that my tripod can be safe from damage.

As I was given the opportunity to be one of Fotopro Ambassadors in Thailand I could not help but enjoy the tripod they have have given to me. It is made with all the standards in tripod construction; made with high quality 1K Carbon Fiber which is 20% lighter and stronger than any ordinary carbon fiber tripods.

The package is compact and easy to carry around. Folding the tripod and placing it in the hard case is so convenient.

I can never be happier and excited as I can stash this tripod just anywhere and carrying it around can also be easy. The package includes tools, allen wrenches to tighten, and some extra tripod rubbers for the spikes, a rubber cover for the head mount, and the instruction manual.

High grade aluminum head mount and anodized to perfection. The clamps are sturdy and firm, the locks are properly placed.

As I mounted my videon head on the mount, everything was stable and and even without pads to carry, it was smooth on my shoulder and easy to shoulder lift.

Minimum height is 102mm and it is easy to carry around and it can be collapsed lower to fit the shooting needs.

It is small when all the legs collapsed together and the telescopic movement of the carbon fiber is smooth and easy as the locks are made of thick solid rubber that never stretch or warp when it is hot or dowsed with water. I had it also covered with mud and it was perfectly operating well and I never had a failure of the legs while I was using the tripod in rigid conditions.

This is how low it can go and this is perfect in shooting low angle shots just like bugs, insects, snakes, and birds and animals on the ground.

I was taking photographs of snakes one morning and setting it way down low was convenient as I was also flat on the ground. There are some situations in which one must get to the level of the subject or else the composition will be compromised and this tripod can adjust to my needs.

Never been so confident in using a carbon fiber tripod like the Fotopro TS-85C, birding was more convenient when the tripod is stable and reliable.

Testing the Fotopro TS-85C has been a joy; now, I am not in the testing period anymore I just enjoy it. I have never been so excited to go out and mount my camera on a tripod. The last one I had gave me so many problems: collapsing locks, malfunctioning of the locks after it has been wet, malfunctioning of the head mount while shooting, accidental release of the head while shoulder lifting, and so on. With the Fotopro TS-85C birding and wildlife photography has been more exciting.

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