The Fotopro X-go Gecko is a compact tripod package in which it is easy to stash in a bag, backpack; travelling with it is also convenient in terms of weight, size, and compactness.

The Fotopro X-go Gecko is designed for a traveller with the intention to travel light and capture fantastic images from where he came from. One can select to unfold the tripod in five sections and adjusting the height is easy as the locks are made to respond quickly and the angle adjusters are spring loaded so it is fast in changing the the leg angles and secure them in place. With the 1/4 “” screws and 3/8 “” screws it would be easy to install DSLRs, mirrorless cameras, action cameras, and attaching mobile phones using an adaptor. The plates are also easy to attach and secure on the ball head mount.

SPECIFICATIONS: Fotopro X-go Gecko 
Min. Height: 10.03 inches
Max Height: 53.46 inches
Height of Mounting : 12.79 inches
Max Diameter: 0.86 inches
Min Monopod Height: 11.81 inches
Max Monopod Height: 39.37 inches
Weight: 0.99kg
Max. Load capacity: 10kg

X-go Gecko tripod with ball head * 1
Tripod bag *

This tripod is especially designed for travel lovers, it is compact in size,fashionable and portable.
Three angles (high, meddle, low) design, center column consist of two sections to support low angle shooting.
Alu-mag forged technology and CNC precision cutting technology, the surface is pressed through hard anodic oxidation.

Actual size after unfolding the legs from stashing position. When the legs are extended then the whole tripod can be a longer for it to be kept in the bag, so it’s ready for its legs to be extended to a desirable height.

The Fotopro X-go Gecko is a small tripod intended for some special purposes and especially carrying lightweight photography and video equipment. Compact as it is, stashing and carrying it around may not be difficult. It is always important to have a a tripod, there is noway one can compromise quality of images and videos because one can’t carry around a portable tripod; here’s one that can do the job at a very reasonable price with all the qualities.

First Stage: the legs are spread wide for it to stand, that can already be used to carry any device.

The Beauty of the Fotopro X-go Gecko is that, its legs can be extended to the height of four levels plus two levels extension of the center post. In this position, with the small ballhead, one can already tilt and position a device, pointing at a subject of interest.

Second Stage: the legs are spread wider to bring the tripod’s height lower and with more stable stance. First stage of the legs spread wide for it to stand, that can already be used to carry any device.

Third Stage: the legs are spread wide open to make the tripod obtain its lowest position for the device to focus on. One can also spread the legs according to the terrain at hand to get the best balance for the mounted device.

The third leg: it can be taken off to make a monopod for a light camera and an action camera. Disassembling the monopod leg is easy and also attaching the ball head takes a little moment and then you have another functional stand.

The monopod: I attached my Olympus action camera on the ball head and it has a very stable hold in which I can also re-position according to my needs. It is sturdy and well built for such activities in the wild.

Maximum height: The Fotopro X-go Gecko is lightweight tripod in which it can be carried around and setup just like this.

The full display of the Fotopro X-go Gecko can be like what you see on the photograph provided above. Extending the center post can make the your device go up higher. It is good and strong enough to carry a mirrorless camera, an action camera, lighting devices, and even a DSLR with a short lens.

I had this tripod for a month now using it in different ways while taking photographs in the wild. I had it mounted with my Nikon D500 + AF-S Micro Nikkor 60mm f/2.8G ED, an Olympus TG Tracker action camera, and light; the tripod has been sturdy and good enough to handle and carry around in the wild.

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