Fotopro TS-85C + Fotopro WH-30 my wildlife photography companion and it has been fantastic having it.

For the past seven months since June of 2017 I was privileged to be chosen by Infinity Plus to become one of the ambassadors for their product Fotopro carbon fiber professional tripods, especially the Fotopro TS-85C made of the finest materials available today. The quest in finding a great platform for my wildlife photography equipment has long been over until the Fotopro tripods came to my attention and hands on experience; all I had to do then was to use the tripod and gimbal to all my wildlife photography sorties.

I have taken the tripod on Kao Dinsor down south, climbing with it on the mountain and setting it up on the mountain slope waiting for the raptors to flyby during the raptor migration; I have taken it up north, in Chiang Rai and Chiang Mai, in which we had to drive on mountain ridges and to the top, drive down lakes and just using the tripod anytime on the road. I have taken the tripod wading in the water and mud, taken heavy rain and all the abuse, and so far this tripod has been performing like the most expensive tripods in the market today.

I really want to become the bringer of good news to the rest of the wildlife photographers that are looking for something inexpensive, strong, and stable as the rest of the popular and expensive brands. There are cheaper options today and gone are the days of product monopoly, there are brands out there like the Fotopro that can do the job, less expensive, perfectly good enough to help one bring a great wildlife photograph home.

King’s Project, Doi Ang Kang, Chiang Mai, Thailand. Going around and searching for some winter rarities, and the Fotopro TS-85C + Fotopro WH-30 has been a joy to carry around.

Doi Ang Kang was a fantastic half day experience and with a great tripod to carry around, everything seems to be great in taking the winter photographs of the wintering and residential birds. To be honest, carrying even just the camera body with a telephoto lens can already be a pain on the back and just within five minutes, surely it will be already bothering; just imagine with a tripod and gimbal, it was a punishment. The worse is if the tripod carried around is not carbon fiber and other materials are too heavy, then it would be a nightmare for me to quickly wake up; but with a fantastic product like the Fotopro professional tripods, the burden of weight and operation has been lessened, and great photographs can be taken home.

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