Chiang Saen Lake, Chiang Rai: Great spot for migrating birds like ducks and more. With the iFootage Cobra 2-A180 | Monopod + iFootage Komodo K5 | Video Head

The birding expedition we had last December 28, 2017 to January 2, 2018 was exciting and the drive was also unforgiving; at Chiang Saen Lake, Chiang Rai, the terrain was difficult for and I was happy to have used the iFootage Cobra 2-A180 | Monopod + iFootage Komodo K5 | Video Head for such a demanding activity.

First time to be using the iFootage Monopod and Tripod in the wild and it was great to use; stable, strong, easy to manage, the head is fluid, it was just such a cool photography equipment to have together with my Fujifilm XT1 + Fujinon XF 100-400mm F4.5-5.6 R LM OIS WR. The weight and handling was an ease as a mirrorless camera user, it means, I had all the light weight experience. Stashing the whole with its bag was also a space saver since the whole package is small compared to a regular tripod. The iFootage Monopod is a tool for special situations.

Arpha Vida Buga-ay having a great time watching the Indian Spot-billed Ducks and other waterbirds.

The terrain was bad and carrying a tripod would have been difficult for me as a woman, guys can carry more heavy equipment while dodging and skipping bad terrain while with the iFootage, it was easier and more convenient since I had to only deal with one foot. Changing heights and adjusting my camera up and down was easy, the footing was also stable. Everything is complete, well constructed photography equipment with all high quality materials available today.

Fotopro TS-85C + Fotopro WH-30 (left hand side) versus iFootage Cobra 2-A180 | Monopod + iFootage Komodo K5 | Video Head (right hand side)

As I enjoy wildlife photography, I have to consider so many things; my back and the weight of the equipment I carry around. I can’t just be like anybody else, I have back pain issue to deal with if I don’t pay attention to the weight I carry around. My husband, Ali Bernie Buga-ay, can carry the Fotopro TS-85C + Fotopro WH-30 as he is a male wildlife photographer and men can carry more, I am not trying to make excuse and making the female gender as a weakling; this is a reality, I just have to carry less weight for me to enjoy the wildlife.

There are monopods out there that are available in the market and not all can truly do the job and take so much abuse than the iFootage Cobra 2-A180 | Monopod + iFootage Komodo K5 | Video Head; this set up is cheaper and made with high quality materials. I can always bring my iFootage around at places with unique and demanding terrain conditions for wildlife photography. To know more about the  iFootage Cobra 2-A180 | Monopod + iFootage Komodo K5 | Video Head, please read the specs below and also we would gladly help you out if you are interested to get one. leave a message in the message box after you have filled up the empty boxes provided.

iFootage Cobra 2-A180 | Monopod

Sections: 4
Maximum Load: 8kg
Weight: 1.5kg
Folded height: 70.5cm
Extended Height: 180cm
Material: Aluminium Alloy

iFootage Komodo K5 | Video Head

Base Diameter: 60mm
Base Screw Thread: UNC3/8-16
Mounting Screw: UNC1/4-20
Height: 98mm Loading: 5kg
Weight: 0.76kg

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