Klymit Static V RealTree Xtra Camo in our tent during one of the coldest nights on Doi Lang, Chiang Mai, north of Thailand.

My experience using the Klymit Static V RealTree Xtra Camo  sleeping pad was twice the fun; I had it for sleeping and for taking bird photographs on Doi Lang, Chiang Mai, north of Thailand. Thanks to Pete & Paul for sharing your goodies so we can test and use them. 


Doi Lang is located north of Thailand and this is one of the Highest mountains of this country; it is possible to drive up the mountain provided you have a good truck, properly lifted, good set of wheels, and a very good working cooling system, the going up is a punishment, one can have an overheated engine. During winter, this mountain through Doi San Ju are just literally bad lands; cold, windy, raining, the weather changes several times in a day or it just rains the whole day and covered with heavy fog. It is cold up there.

We set up in our tents two sleeping pads, the Klymit Double V  for myself and the Klymit Static V RealTree Xtra Camo for Arpha and Andreia. There were three of us in a tent good for three, we needed all the insulation and sleeping comfort we had available and we had everything. The first time we rolled on the sleeping pads we were quite delighted of the comfort our bodies had. Well, we had foamy sleeping mattresses already placed inside the tent and we decided to lay the Klymit sleeping pads on top of them, then we got into our individual sleeping bags and covered ourselves with comforters. Even with the bad condition outside, it was really cold and wet; but our backs felt so good on the Klymit sleeping pads and we were sleeping comfortably.

To set up the Klymit sleeping pads, it took a little time in blowing air in to inflate them both and you can always take a break since the mouthpiece is designed to trap air inside once the air is in, some sort of air trapping mechanism. When filled with air, the sleeping pads were easy to handle and position in the tent and we were very sure now that we were super insulated from the cold ground even though I always bring with me two rolls of industrial carpets on top of my truck, I use them as insulators as I pitch my tent on top of them. My tent is always dry and the ground can retain the heat collected by the ground during the day keeping the our backs warm during the night.


Taking bird photographs in low angle position can be tricky, I always want to get as low as my Fotopro TS-85C carbon fiber tripod can go to get the full body of a migratory bird that wants to feed on the ground. When you are at level with your subject, great shots can be made and it is important to be flat on the ground, it is tiring and can be difficult with out the Klymit Static V RealTree Xtra Camo  under me. The ground is hard and wet and this pad can do the job that I really need it to be working.

Klymit Static V RealTree Xtra Camo, inside my hide, I just lie down on my belly to get the full view of the Chestnut Thrush that I was taking photographs with.

This body position on the ground can be difficult with out the Klymit Static V RealTree Xtra Camo , it is waterproof so it kept me dry as the rain was also pouring a bit and also allowed me to stay flat on the ground comfortable for a long time. This pad can be used in different ways, for sleeping, wildlife photography, macro photography; this can be a great pad to rest on when taking photographs of butterflies, bugs, and anything ground level. The best thing about this is, it is RealTree camouflage, it is always a plus factor when you don’t want to be seen, just blend in. For my case was a different story, I had a red neoprene insulated jacket and I did not have to be super camouflaged, the bird was just in front of us feeding from the goodies we shared.

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