From the left: Bernie and then Jirayu

Khun Jirayu is one of the best bird guides of Thailand and he specializes on guiding Chinese clients only. I met him just about everywhere I went, high mountains, national parks, and so on. This time again at Khao Yai National Park. I was there to find the Coral-billed Ground Cuckoo and when I arrived at the location he even gladly helped me to get their with my Khun Kin Shing Li. After setting up the hide and position of Khun Kin, he asked me if I could join him for a morning coffee; and this is what I like so much, coffee in the jungle.

Jirayu brewing coffee, fantastic experience…

Khun Jirayu offered one of his portable chairs and opened different paper bags of coffee beans and asked me to choose which one I would wan to have. As a coffee lover I chose something to really wake me up, it was one cold and wet morning. He had the beans grounded and placed a new filter on his dripper, poured some hot water to prepare it, placed the coffee grounds, and carefully poured hot water for the precious liquid to collect under. He serve it perfect, the smell was already telling me to wake, the tin mug was perfect in my hand, our conversation about birds and locations broadened and we just enjoyed that wonderful friendship experience. One thing I learned birding with my Thai friends, it is not about the bird, it is the process, learning, and making friends when taking wildlife photographs.

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