Ti6300 Multifunctional Titanium Cooker

The Keith Multifunction Titanium Cooker is a necessity for me as a wildlife photographer. We need not carry so many things in order for me to cook something as it could be heavy and cumbersome carrying so many things. As it is multifunction, it has two parts, the main cooker and insert. The main cooker can already cook some thing, like broth, noodles, and just about anything. The insert works in a different way. What I did was, I used the insert cooking rice and as soon as it was cooked, i took it off and then cook another dish or viand to be able to make use of its second function.

The most important of this cooker is that, it is impossible to burn your food as any aluminium cooker is made light and thin, with the insert, it protects the sensitive food to be burned and then cook again for the second dish that needs so much liquid in it. With this multifunction capability, light, durable, one can carry less and saved the space for something more.

Keith: Ti6300 Multifunctional Titanium Cooker
Model: Ti6300
Material: Tritan, Titanium, Silicone, Tritan
Surface: Sanded
Dimensions: 6.2 × 4.6 × 4.3 in │ 158 × 118 × 108 mm
Capacity: 30.4 fl oz │ 900 ml
Net Weight: 9 oz │ 256 g

Ti6300 Multifunctional Titanium Cooker displayed in two parts with the insert.

Two functions in one is exactly one needs in the wild to be able to carry more and especially this cooker is made light and with the highest grade of material as Titanium. I have been very happy with this small cooker as an outdoor companion. I can always cook something fast and easy.

Ti6300 Multifunctional Titanium Cooker with multi-grained rice for dinner at Khao Laem National Park

Cooking rice was a delight as we normally would pay so much attention to the stove and kettle as we might burn the food even though the flame is low, the material is so thin it can really burn. With the Ti6300 Multifunctional Titanium Cooker, it has been easy and one can be confident. After cooking the rice, I pulled the insert and started cooking another dish for us to have that night at Khao Laem National Park.

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