Tuyo ka Bato, Siargao: from left, Ali Bernie Buga-ay, Miguel David Del Leon, Harry Miller.

To pioneer a conservation program, especially protecting some bird species, can be daunting. It is a colorful dream of an effort to begin with to see what can possibly done; yet, the putting everything into paper and action can be a hell of a ride.

The terns of Tuyo ka Bato are crucial to the fishing industry of Siargao, without terns, then it could be a sign that the fish is not abundant anymore for the birds to migrate and lay their eggs. Destruction of the habitat can also be the cause for the terns not to return in Siargao for their annual migration. Terns, people, fish, ocean, and the islands, play important roles together in making a perfect habitat displaying the give and take relationship between man and nature.

Bridle Tern, Great Crested Tern, Rosseate Tern are the species in focus.

The Provincial government of Surigao del Norte, DENR Caraga Region, PASU Joseph Langanlangan, the LGUs of Siargao, Siargao local and Return Flights Raptor Facility Conservation Ambassador sat together for a dinner meeting facilitated by Dr. Miguel Del Leon, he presented why there is a need in conserving and allowing the terns to return and lay eggs at Tuyo ka Bato in Siargao. They all agreed that the conservation effort must be supported and be given so much attention as the terns and other seabirds play important and crucial roles in the fishing industry and livelihood of the local community.

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