Miguel David Del Leon wading the rough low tide water of Pangitlogan Island in which when the tide is high, it is impossible to do so. We were there to work with him to landmark the first official government sanctioned and approved conservation effort in Siargao.

I am posting this to honour Dr. MiguelDavid De Leon for his conservation effort of the terns in Siargao, particularly, Pangitlogan Island, Tuyo Ka Bato, Siargao, in Mindanao. His effort brought people to work together in order to help his pioneering conservation program in saving the eggs of the terns from being taken by the locals for food. With his presentation, people understood that they don’t have to take the eggs and allow the terns to lay and hatch their kind to be take home on their return flight. The Bridled Terns, Roseate Terns, Black-naped terns come every year to lay their eggs and fulfil their migration objectives.

Miguel brought all government agencies at one table and collected their voluntary commitments in preserving and conserving the given areas that required immediate attention. Thank you Dr. Miguel David De Leon for giving us the opportunity to work with you. I have yet to find a man who accepted me and Harry Miller unconditionally and that will do whatever it takes to achieve conservation absent recognition and reward. God Bless you and will keep you safe always.

Meanwhile, I am at Mactan International Airport waiting for my flight to Bangkok, my early flight was delayed, got held up on the tarmac in a shuttle, endured the horrible queues, and skipped breakfast and lunch. Well, now I am enjoying my coffee and excited to return to Bangkok and reunite with Arpha and Andreia Claudette, plus our two cats George and Frida.

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