Copyright © 2018 by Ali Bernie Buga-ay, all rights reserved. Philippine Duck (female): this photograph may not be used without permission.

The Philippine duck or Anas luzonica is a large dabbling duck of the genus Anas and it is also called papan by the locals. An endemic species to the Philippines and there are only as few as 5,000 may remain due to overhunting and habitat loss which also contributed to its decline. This Duck’s diet includes shrimp, fish, insects, and vegetation, and it frequents all types of wetlands.

It was a privilege to have had the chance in taking photographs this close as full frame; the experience was amazing as I peeped into my view finder eye to eye with this lovely creature. Thanks a lot Konrad Neil for showing us this beautiful Philippine Endemic duck and to MiguelDavid De Leon for having us in which you have given all the opportunities; on our own, it would have been impossible.

Bukidnon, Philippines
April 7, 2018
Nikon D500 + Nikkor 200-500mm f/5.6E ED VR
Fotopro TS-85C | Fotopro WH-30 | Carry Speed FS-Slim | Nitecore UNK1


Philippine Falconet


Javan Frogmouth

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