Keith: Double-Wall Titanium Mug, Double-Wall, Folding Handle as I used it at Kaeng Krachan National Park

The Keith Double-Wall Titanium Mug is a must have beverage item in a wildlife photographer’s backpack. It is light, durable; keeps the hot and cold beverage longer because of the double wall. I poured orange juice in the mug and dropped some ice cubes; since it is double wall, the heat from my hand was insulated by the outerwall of the mug, keeping my drink cold.

It is relatively easy to stash and I have no worries if it will be dented as I pack it with other things since it is made of titanium, it is durable and will keep its shape for a long time. Since it is light, I can always remember to bring it without hesitation of adding so much weight with my photography gear in the backpack.

Keith: Double-Wall Titanium Mug with Folding Handle and Lid
Model: Ti3341
Material: Tritan, Titanium, Silicone, Tritan
Surface: Sanded
Dimensions: 4.4 × 3.3 in │ 113 × 85 mm
Capacity: 15.2 fl oz│450 ml
Net Weight: 4.3 oz + 1.3 oz │ 121g + 37g

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