Fotopro Artpod + SJ-85 Universal Phone Mount: Pangitlogan Island, Siargao, Philippines

When I first saw the Fotopro Artpod + Fotopro Crab Clamp I was so excited to have it as I had been looking for a mini tripod that I can mount my mobile phone and action camera. There are plenty in the market but they are all poorly constructed and the features are not the same as the regular tripod. I want something the same as the big ones and yet small enough to carry, strong enough to meet my daily demands of wildlife photography.

I used and tested the Fotopro Artpod + SJ-85 Universal Phone Mount together for a month last March and took the set with me to the Philippines for the whole month of wildlife photography. The mini tripod is made of strong aluminium and the mechanism work very well. Turning 360 degrees, changing positions using its ball head was smooth. When I am on the ground, i tried to put my weight on it to help me stand up, it took my weight without even malfunctioning after that punishment. I also used it at sea in which I submerged the Fotopro Artpod into salt water and after that it still worked very well until now. After awhile, salt water caused some corrosion that made the release switches of the legs to stick their position and the springs were not able to push them back; all I did was move the switches with a little force to release them from the corrosion and moved them rapidly so that the springs can work again, A little penetrating oil helped as well.

Exposed to rough handling, rain, seawater, sand, mud, extreme heat, the Fotopro Artpod + SJ-85 Universal Phone Mount functioned as designed without any damage. I am also excited that the Fotopro headquarters sent me a custom made Fotopro Artpod, complete set for me to have, and they also fixed my name on it. I will reserve that review for later.

Material: Aluminum
Sections: 1 Section
Minimum Height: 117mm
Maximum Height: 190mm
Folded: 212mm
Max Diameter: 36mm
Weight: 0.325kg
Max. Load capacity: 2kg

Leather Holster


ArtPod is manufactured with CNC precision machining and hand anodic oxidation treatment, which can protect the surface of the tripod effectively.

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