Keith: Titanium Sport Bottle


My family and I have started not to buy bottled water last November of 2017 and up to now, well we can’t really avoid to buy at the most inconvenient situations; but we managed to reduce the use of bottled water and other plastics. The Keith Titanium Sport Bottle has been my companion anywhere I go now, all I have to do is fill it up from at home or from any water dispensers available to reduce the use of plastic bottles; but the reason why I am using this product, it’s the durability and the easy of use just about anywhere as it is light to carry around unlike the other aluminium bottles I have had before, plus it does not have that funny metal smell.

Keith: Titanium Sport Bottle
Model: Ti3032
Material: Titanium, Silicone
Surface: Sanded
Dimensions: 9.3 × 2.8 in │ 237 × 70 mm
Capacity: 23.6 fl oz│700 ml
Net Weight: 3.9 oz │ 110 g

Keith: Titanium Sport Bottle, exposed to extreme situation

In difficult situation where drinking water is needed, I have never hesitated to play rough with my Keith Titanium Sport Bottle since it is durable as it can be. This situation was dire as the location was muddy and difficult to be around as rain was also pouring. With the right equipment, I can be sure that my drinking water supply can’t be compromised.

Kaeng Krachan National Park: Keith Titanium Sport Bottle

Wildlife photography is unforgiving and having the right equipment is always a must to avoid inconveniences and dealing with these small troubles can be annoying, slowing down the process of true adventure. To me, from cameras down to the simple spoons and stuff must be chosen carefully in order for one to get comfort and confidence in the wild. Well, cheap and poorly made equipment can be used, no problem with that, troubles can be expected, malfunctions and finally inconvenience. Having a robust water bottle is important, i can even use this to heat water as it can be exposed to fire, there is so much confidence with this.


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