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The Fulvescens Greater Spotted Eagle or Clanga clanga is also called the Spotted Eagle, is a large bird of prey which belongs to the Accipitridae. Clanga means “scream” in which I have not heard this eagle scream yet.

Fulvescens Greater Spotted Eagle on the left hand side with evident light coloured feathers.

After the Himalayan Griffon Vulture I showed Jack Jackjack around Pak Plee area so he knows what to do when he comes next time. After that, I said let’s go find the Greater Spotted Eagle if we get lucky to be around at this time of the year. I knew few weeks ago that they were still there and this time, no idea.

Fulvescens Greater Spotted Eagle or Clanga clanga  on the right hand side facing the opposite of another raptor.

I found one right away perching low on the ground on a Eucalyptus stump and another one on a high branch but we can only see the body and the feet and yet we could still identify it as a Greater Spotted Eagle as the colour of its feet gave it away. Jack found another bird on the ground and he told me to check it out; then suddenly, i looked again and told him “Jack, check this out, another one facing it but the colour is different it is so light.” I can tell it is still the Greater Spotted Eagle but the white the colour is different gave me the idea that it might be a juvenile or something else. We took photographs of it and the next days I got so busy travelling from Pak Plee to different bird locations and jack sent me a message about our find. Thank God that he went ahead finding out or else I would have even forgotten to do it due to being busy and having the Sacred Kingfisher on my mind for two days.

Fulvescens Greater Spotted Eagle or Clanga clanga  perch on a very short stump covered by brown dried grass when during the sunset. The raptor on the right is smaller than the Greater Spotted Eagle which is safe to assume that the one on the right is the Black-eared Kite which there are thousands in Pak Plee.

Ayuwat Jearwattanakanok identified it as the rare morph Fulvescens Greater Spotted Eagle! Bloody Hell! That’s quite a find Jack Jackjack (Wei Kheong)… We shall share the find equally and we are happy.

Pak Plee, Nakorn Nayok, Thailand
March 7, 2019
Nikon D500 + Nikkor 200-500mm f/5.6E ED VR
Fotopro E9| Fotopro LH-10A 
Carry Speed FS-Pro
Nitecore UNK1 | Toshiba FlashAir 64GB

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