After buying my D500 I knew i would really be busy travelling to place just to find birds and wildlife to photograph. Yes, i have one of the best cameras in the world now and yet I thought that I was out of the woods in spending so much more. I had to buy more memory cards, XDQs which are very expensive and yet of course reliably fast and robust, SDs in which to back up all files written, then finally the battery in which can also be super expensive.

Now that I have so much memory to allow me to shoot thousands of shots in photographing wildlife, the battery is the biggest problem now. One can’t just bring just one battery or two, but loads of them. There is no way to escape this essential thing.

Battery, the juice of wildlife photography. Well, then I had all the gear in the world and I can have so much of them that without batteries they can all be considered as paperweight or just objects of waste and nothing. Power or electricity is what makes every electronic and digital devices work. I just need to have so many batteries to survive taking photographs in the wild.

OSKA for Nikon EN-EL 15

I was at a Photo Fair a few years ago and I was looking around for whatever that my interest me to buy in addition to my gear, I had things in mind but I never thought I would even buy OSKA batteries. I was using the original NIKON EN EL-15 batteries and I did not care buying the original expensive ones since I had horrible experiences with third-party batteries for my Fujifilm XT1. They all expanded and leaked and they were impossible to eject from the battery chamber of the camera and it took some tricky maneuvers with a flat tool to push them out. I had third-party batteries for my Canon before and the same thing happened, they expanded and charging was rather dangerous then, it’s hard to guess if when will the battery ignite, melt, or explode; I had to throw them away.

The OSKA for Nikon EN-EL 15 were robust, never overheated, it stored so much power that can match the original Nikon EN EL-15; surprisingly, it also never expanded or leaked. It is made durable and strong and can give give almost amount of power needed to last while taking wildlife photographs. I am shooting ten frames per second and this battery can do the job; although when taking videos, the battery discharges faster than the Nikon EN EL-15 and yet I can be proven wrong. When the battery is well charged, the juice it was giving is almost equal to the originals. My experience is based on the situations while I am shooting in rapid rate birds in flight and birds showing up in the hide.

Most of the time, with all the batteries that I have in my backpack, while I am out in the wild, I can’t tell anymore which battery I am using as OSKA performs very well. I will have to make more reviews in testing battery life according to rapid shutter movements while shooting, according to length of time in taking videos, and also the standby mode.

For now, I am so impressed of what this product can actually make me save so much money for its performance; I can save more than half the price of the NIKON EN EL-15. Now I can buy other stuff that I may use in taking wildlife photographs. The market price of OSKA for NIK EN EL-15 is only ฿ 1,290.00 and that is really so much cheaper. If interested please leave a message below.


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