The need to document and post videos from a vacation, outdoor adventure activities, and just about anything has been an important part of everyone’s life now. There are so many ways to do that; a mobile phone, a video camera, and finally the action camera. All of these devices can really take so much juice and for that, some action camera batteries can really discharge so fast because of the nature of the device.

Some devices are power hungry as they have the functions and the specs to eat up energy especially taking high resolution videos such as 4K. What happens now is that, one must take so many batteries or power banks to recharge and be able to continue taking videos or else some beautiful moments will be missed and will never be relived. This is the beauty of having an action camera, recording the best of life’s moments.

The Olympus┬áStylus Tough TG-Tracker is a class of action camera of its own. I bought mine when it came out last 2016 I guess. I was wanting to get a GoPro but then I had to choose getting the famous more expensive action camera and then spend so much money buying the underwater casing, so many batteries, mounts and handles. The Olympus TG Tracker had all the advantages during that time than the GoPro. One battery can last me the whole day with the Olympus, while the Gopro, you have to bring as many as you can and if you don’t have extra batteries, then you have had to bear with waiting for awhile for it to be charged, then record again.

There were so many more advantages with the Olympus than the GoPro then, the underwater casing which is itself, changing of the wideness of the view, electronic stabilisation, 4k video recording, GPS system, a built-in flashlight, the handle, all in one purchase. While the GoPro was like ripping off consumers at that time; today, GoPro has improved a lot in so many ways especially with the GoPro Hero 7 series in which the remarkable changes one should want to have.


The Olympus TG Tracker was made to consume less energy and perform great, my Olympus original battery always stayed longer as I turned it off and on when taking videos; continuous shooting, the performance was good too until I was taking longer videos, I really had to buy another battery.


I new that buying the original Olympus battery would be expensive and I came across of the OSKA OLY LI-90B a couple years ago during the a Photo Fair in Thailand, I can’t remember the year. Anyways, believe it or not, I had the OSKA and the Olympus during all my adventures and they both served me well.

The OSKA for Olympus LI-90B has been dependable and never failed me, it never changed its shape, overheated, it performed almost the same as the Olympus original battery. The most important is, it is so much cheaper than the original.




Fotopro E9

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