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The Hooded Pitta or Pitta sordida is a passerine bird in the from the Pittidae family and it is common in eastern, southeastern Asia and Southeast Asia in which in Thailand there so many locations for this bird too be found and yet always not easy to get during off season and even during the season. Some locations are just so good that the Hooded Pitta will just come anytime regardless of calls and some gifts. It is suggested to be strongly territorial and according to my observation it is; and yet it can also share some space to other birds.

Arpha and I have seen this bird in the jungle many times and some other places and yet we never took serious consideration in taking fantastic shots because when it comes out, almost everybody would want to have it and it’s very difficult for us to find the right timing when we could also be free to get it, and then the cycle goes on for the next season that we again missed it.

Koh Mun Nai is a one stop birding places for rarities and during that time there where three Pittas available and all were showing up as if they were entertaining people in a beauty pageant. There was no need to call and work too hard, they were just there; but one has to travel to Rayong and then take a private boat to an island in which the summer heat wast horribly punish everyone.

Koh Mun Nai, Thailand
April 27, 2019
Nikon D500 + Nikkor 200-500mm f/5.6E ED VR
Fotopro E9| Fotopro LH-10A 
Carry Speed FS-Pro| OSKA Nik EN-EL 15 
Nitecore UNK1 | Toshiba FlashAir 64GB


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