By Ali Bernie Buga-ay Published on Jun 4, 2017
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Joys of Birding

Birding and bird photography has been made possible to be fused in this modern world in which we have binoculars, scopes, and also digital cameras that can be taken along during this demanding outdoor activity. One does not only take notes and draw after peeping into the binoculars; but today, take photographs that can be taken home and kept forever.


We have taken Sam to several adventure trips like hiking, climbing small mountains, kayaking, camping, and then birding. He welcomed the idea of being able to be one with nature and observing it’s intricacies and possible dangers when not paying attention to safety rules and instructions.

I provided him with his first camera, the Fujifilm X E2 + Fujinon XC 50-230mm; it is light and good enough for a beginner in which he could look into the view finder or the back screen and decide if the subject is properly exposed and sharp enough to be photographed at. He enjoyed it even though it was difficult for the first time.

We also have had to teach him that we don’t just take photographs but also take care of the environment in order for the birds to return to their proper habitats without human interventions.



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