One of my personal favorites among the Thrushes is the Laughingthrush. It is a punk of its own not only in looks but how it makes sounds. Probably of of the most annoying bird sounds or calls. As I followed a flock of this bird, they were flying low and slow, stopping at one place to another as they fed on the ground under the trees, in between grass, branches, and barks of the trees. They must be looking for specific kind of insects, also they were feeding fruit trees, I am not sure if they were eating the fruits or the insects hanging on leaves and the branches of a fruiting tree.

I never tried to follow a flock of birds just fr the intention to take photographs and I had to do it this time or else I will never have better photographs of this bird. They also knew I was following them and they would stop and perch sometimes and make annoying sounds so drive me away. I am glad I did that as I was trying to learn the birds’ behavior in the wild. I wish I could have gotten better photographs with better lighting but they stayed in the forest and when I saw them out in the open, they were high up the trees. We can never want the bird to cooperate sometimes, we can only take the opportunity when it is there. These Laughingthrushes were scouring the ground with their feet and also using their bills to move obstacles to expose what they want to eat.

Exposing the colours properly with out screwing up the white head and throat was a real chore as they were under the trees in such a low light condition was truly frustrating. But anyways, I love the habitat captured with the bird, it is more realistic. I am fine with the noise, seriously, I want to take better photographs than this next time. For now, this is already beautiful and I am very happy sharing this.

Bang Phra Non-hunting Area, Chonburi, Thailand
Nikon D500 + Nikkor 200-500mm f/5.6E ED VR
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