It is another year of watching the raptors come to Thailand and we are very excited, it is a mania that one can only have that cure when you see them, raptor mania October 24, 2015.

The Black Baza was a real joy in taking photographs it is because the freaken raptor was just in front of us, eye-level, sometimes just a little higher, above us, or below us, we were on top of a mountain called Khao Dinsor. When the raptor stares at you, you freeze, you humble yourself, then you remember that you are just another created being who is in awe of another.

This is the real mecca of raptor watching, we climb for fifteen to twenty minutes and then find a great platform to view them and then don’t go anywhere, it will be crowded and sometimes annoying. You have to be sure that you have everything before you climb the mountain, there are no shops there, you have to have proper re-hydration all the time, it is hot and unforgiving.

It was one of the greatest experience I had taking photographs of thousands of raptors coming from cold regions of the planet. It was our first serious aerial photography of such lovely flying creatures with elements as our enemy. Too much sun, rain, wind, fatigue and exhaustion, the fight for space on the platforms, an ultimate test of patience. One must have the best camera and lens in this kind of photography and I did not have that camera then, as a mirrorless shooter, I had to borrow from Tamron Thailand the whole package of equipment; the lens was great, but the camera was a real struggle. It was one of the low-ends of Canon and I just have had to live with it, with my Fujifilm XT1 as my second camera, it was just fine.

Khao Dinsor, Chumpon, Thailand
Ali Bernie Buga-ay
Canon EOS 700D + Tamron SP 150-600mm F/5-6.3
Straightforward jpeg, absent enhancements
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