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The Mudskipper is one of the amphibious animals that captured a lot of imaginations in stories and in songs. In the Philippines we call it Isdang Tambasakan, and a famous funny song was also composed and sang just for this fish. During the town’s fiesta this song was played with very loud speakers. This song is “Si Pilimon” and it was popularized by a country singer Max Surban. The Philippines is made of seven thousand plus islands and it is not possible that one can miss this amphibious fish, it is a common fish to see.

The Mudskipper uses its pectoral fins and pelvic fins to walk on land and that’s why it is such quite a fish. As i mentioned the song “Si Pilimon” it is actually a song portraying the story of a very lazy man who bragged that he also went fishing and that he caught so many that he had to sell his catch at the market place. The funny this about this song is that, a real fisherman catches fish at the ocean but Pilimon does not have to go fishing for the Mudskippers, they are seen everyday and they are easy to catch.

Bangpu Recreation Center, Samutprakan, Thailand
Nikon D500 + Nikkor 200-500mm f/5.6E ED VR

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