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We have been having vacations at Pranburi Forest Park for straight two years and we have birded for seabirds and mangrove forest birds and nothing really special until the Oriental Plover sighting. Rarely the bird comes to Thailand and finding it is a real LIFER since the last of it was seen two years ago somewhere else.

Twitching for this bird has been every birders’ assignment now as its location is accessible going Kaeng Krachan National Park and to Southern Thailand in which seasonal target birds are showing up this time around.¬†

It was very exciting as soon as we spotted the bird, we walked near to it and we were on our bellies, moving forward one foot at a time not spook the bird. It was fun skimming, getting the right shot and straight to the eyes.

The Oriental Plover is a Least Concern bird but it is rare to be seen in Thailand, so everybody twitches for it so there is no need to go to Mongolia and China where it is breeding. It winters in Indonesia, New Guinea and Australia and some in Thailand.

Pranburi Forest Park, Thailand
Nikon D500 + Nikkor 200-500mm f/5.6E ED VR


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