Doi San Ju View Point, Chiang Mai, North of Thailand. A fantastic birding spot in which we have see beautiful birds. The weather changes all the time, windy, cold, rain; but the view is fantastic and the drive is exciting.

Joys of Birding is so delighted to work with Pete & Paul , an outdoor equipment shop, for the last birding expedition we did in Chiang Rai and Chiang Mai, north of Thailand, last December 28, 2017 to January 2, 2018. The stuff that they allowed us to use made our outdoor activities easier and comfortable as the weather on the mountains that we went and camped was horrible and changes all the time and with the given equipment, it made our trip up north a great experience.

We camped at the most unforgiving condition in which cold, rain, wind, were the disaster formula for us to get wet and cold all the time. With the following equipment, life was easier. I want to stress also that we have our own high quality equipment already, collected all through the years of adventure activities, we have prepared so much; yet, we are happy to have them as an addition and also we can know how they perform in the wild.

The following links are the outdoor equipment they supplied and we gladly recommend them to serious men and women who love real outdoor activities away from the comforts of hotels and lodging:

Klymit Static V RealTree Xtra Camo

Klymit Double V

Klymit Pillow X

Klymit Cush Seat

Alocs Moka Pot

Alocs Coffee Grinder

Alocs Spirit Burner

 Alocs Ladle

All of these will have an individual review on how they were used and how they have performed in the wild accordingly. Thanks a lot Pete & Paul for the support and until next time it would be a pleasure to review for you.

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