Steak house outside Khao Yai National Park: Kin Shing Li, on the left hand side, Bernie, on the right hand side

The Chestnut-headed BeBee-eat is a love small Bee-eater in which one can really dream to have as a first time birder; and even for the experienced ones, the desire to have great fantastic shots is joy not to miss. The beautiful chestnut colored head and the yellow under the chin, the green on the feathers abdat lovely chirps, are the qualities that captivate a bird lover.

We directly went totthetot area wherewthwy are that i haveknownh for several years and it waswtoo early, so we decided to go to another nearby place in which theytfly very low for the bees. It was a cool and cloudy morning, neverneverth, it was fantastic for bird and wildlife photography. We scanned the horizon, no Bee-eaters.


The wait turned into a an interesinte conversation and turned around for some possible lifers around. As I almost completed my turn, on the opposite branches of a tree were the Crested Serpent Eagle and the Juvenile Shikra. It was a fantastic way to start our birding trip. After a great moment we decided to move to another location.

Coral-billed Ground Cuckoo 

Driving to the location, I missed the sign. We were driving out to Prachin Buri already and it took awhile for me to notice that, we had to turn around and asked for directions at a checkpoint.

When we got there we met Khun Jirayu, a famous bird guide, gladly offered to help us out. We had Kin Shing Li set up and comfortable, we left him and then Khun Jirayu brewed coffee for me, we had a beautiful conversation about birding as we enjoyed his hot black coffee.

Kin finished his moments and he was satisfied to find a lifer that can be difficult to be had. We then drove back to the Bee-eater location.

Chestnut-headed Bee-eat

Well, the Chestnut-headed Bee-eaters are expected to be around this season and it could be a fantasy for each one. Who couldn’t resist? They are cute and lovely after all. We went to get the best closest shots for us to not come back anymore and the shots we wanted were all whimsical, magic-like natural compositions. Having this lovely bird with suck beautiful colours, we a great background, melted bokeh, something to really keep forever and sharing on the social media can also be great.

That was one day to remember with Khun Kin Shing Li, he was a fantastic gentleman and I will never hesitate to accompany him if ever time permits. As a token of his friendship to me, he gave me a camera and lens cover which I have used every time I go to the wild and never left without it. I used it intensively in the jungles of the Philippines and especially here in Thailand. he also gave me a camera backpack which is a really good one and I can’ just thank him enough for such a gesture.

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