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The Whiskered Pitta or Erythropitta kochi is endemic to Luzon in the Philippines and it is a rare species from Pittidae family. To have seen this was a special treat; Crisanto Ceriban discovered the bird years back when he was there to do maintenance work on the pipe system of their water source in which Bangkong Kahoy Valley is well known fro its pure spring water.

Aside from this beautiful, rare and popular bird; the only reason that I really want to see this bird is the way it is drawn to where wildlife photographer would take fantastic shots. Crisanto Ceriban has a very special way in bring it in, he calls it. The man has developed an intense give and take relationship with the bird absent harm and danger. They have become best of friends. There is a National Geographic documentary on this bird at Bangkong Kahoy Valley and I have not even seen the full version of it. Dion Pullan has done a fantastic job in preserving his ancestral property by involving the locals in making profit from bird photographers as they come to indulge themselves with this beauty.

Thanks a lot Harry Miller for setting up and coming along with me to photograph and enjoy this lovely bird. To Neth Abion Miller who made calls and made it possible for us to be included in the schedule.

Bangkong Kahoy Valley, Philippines
April 1, 2018
Nikon D500 + Nikkor 200-500mm f/5.6E ED VR
Fotopro TS-85C | Fotopro WH-30 | Carry Speed FS-Pro | Nitecore UNK1


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