Joys of Birding

Posted on August 23, 2016, 11:52 am
2 mins

Ali Bernie Buga-ay

The wildlife and nature has been a part of my life for a very long time. Adventure making is a passion and when one forgets doing it because of life opportunities, it will find you again. I have gone fishing to islands, lakes; camping in jungles and forests, rock climbing with friends and family, adventure is life.

As a teacher in arts and music, I have included painting landscapes, birds and animals; and to complete everything, I have done many solo and group exhibitions in Thailand at prestigious galleries.
To be able to paint landscapes and wildlife, especial birds, I have to take photographs of the subject or else I have to paint in situ.

Since I focused my time on wildlife photography, the lifestyle caught on me and Arpha, we have been travelling almost every weekend to different places and countries and we have focused our time more on Thailand. Our goal now is to document all of the wildlife that we see in Thailand; it maybe birds, animals, and even plants.



Arpha Vida Buga-ay

Being with wildlife is like our first nature and second is being able to be surrounded by nature and we want it every time. The city is polluted, the traffic is maddening, work can make one go crazy; wildlife photography has taken us to the most beautiful places to relax and be carefree.

Discovering and seeing a bird or an animal in the wildlife gives so many benefits to us, health, the chance to see them before extinction, the chance to participate in conservation, and finally to breathe fresh air and exercise.